Short Bio

Christos Parapagidis was born in Orestiada, Greece in 1984. 
With over a decade of professional experience as a music producer, musician and engineer in successful and important record productions, music, theatre and TV shows, in his career he has collaborated with major Greek and international artists (Dimitra Galani, Martha Frintzila, Manos Achalinotopoulos, Michalis Hatzigiannis, Diafana Krina, Christos Nikolopoulos, Melina Kana, Leonidas Balafas, RootlessRoot) and have worked as F.O.H. Chief Sound Engineer and sound designer at big Live concerts and important theaters around the world (Hong Kong, Prague, Brno, Vaduz, Genova, Bucharest, Brussels, Lille, Amsterdam, Zaragosa, Athens)

Recently he introduced himself as an artist through the interactive audiovisual installation : Synaesthesia - Solomon's Case.

2002: Greek representative and participant at the Red Bull Music Academy (Brazil- São Paolo) 
2005-2010: Recording Engineer, Mixing Engineer, D.A.W. Operator, Arranger at Sierra Studios 
2008: Assistant Mixing Engineer to Goetz Botzenhardt (Faithless, Bjork, U2, Paul Weller) 
2016: Creator of the Interactive Audiovisual Installation “Synaesthesia – Solomon’s Case” 
2009-2018: Freelance Music Producer & Engineer, Music Studio C.E.O.

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